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Unreal Engine in modern architecture

Unreal Engine in modern architecture

As one of the most important parts of modern architectural 3D animation, having the right software plays a key role. Development is made much easier when there is a solid foundation that allows for easy additional features. In time. This is why, at VISU, we use the Unreal Engine.

The Unreal Engine is developed by Epic Games and has become one of the most powerful engines around. We use it for architecture while many use it for video games development and more. Epic Games are of course the company behind the hugely popular Fortnite video game. They have, though, become recognized for far more than video games innovation; the Unreal Engine is an elite tool in architectural 3D animation.

It is one of the most important starting places for any project we take on. We are proud to use the Unreal Engine as part of our animation program. Alongside a range of other tools that we use, Unreal Engine plays a key role in helping us create world-class architectural content. We tend to use a host of other tools, including the likes of 3DS Max and Corona. This helps us to provide top-class imagery to go with authentic, realistic animations.

We use the Unreal Engine thanks to its versatility, its power, and its incredible ability to get things done without a hassle. Our team is all fully aware of how to best use the Unreal Engine to get the most out of its features. Thanks to its widespread industry use, too, the Unreal Engine is regularly updated and improved with new features.

This allows us to know we are using a world-class base for all of our architectural 3D rendering and animation. The end result? The best work that we produce.

The Unreal Engine plays a key role in visualising modern architectural projects

Before any client will commit to the development of something in architecture, they want to see a sample. In the past, this left people with the need to produce floor plans, drawings from artists, and similar concepts. However, these would be extremely hard to change and adjust to fit the concerns and questions from others involved. With that in mind, though, the Unreal Engine offers unprecedented control over what can and cannot be present in an animation.

Epic Games has developed a tool that has now become one of the most popular engines in the visual world. The name of the engine itself comes from the hugely popular first-person shooter title Unreal; since then, it has expanded into an industry-wide solution.

Today, on the fourth edition and working towards its fifth edition, the Unreal Engine looks set to be part of the architectural industry for years to come. It offers an incredibly useful and powerful tool for developers to work with. We love using the Unreal Engine because we know it can provide us with the tools we need, as well as the customization to adapt.

Not just for games development

While it was originally meant for the gaming world, the Unreal Engine has managed to become something far more diverse. Today, it is commonly packaged with the kind of features that architects like our team at VISU can take advantage of. We can now build massive, immersive environments and worlds in a fraction of the time it would take pre-Unreal. And on top of that? Making changes and improvements is a much easier experience than it would have been beforehand.

Now, we can easily add, remove, adjust, and adapt the 3D architectural design that we create to suit our audience. This is because Unreal Engine uses what is known as physically based rendering. This means that it allows us to easily include the lifelike features we need, such as lighting channels, dynamic shadows, and reflections. These all come to the fore when making 3D architecture, showing a lifelike experience for clients.

This is vital because it allows us to really develop plans that our clients can use to convince their investors, partners, and clients to get involved. We can create something that looks authentic thanks to the use of film-quality post-processing. Today, everything that we make in Unreal Engine can be post-processed. This allows for things to be easily moved around, adjusted, and edited to suit the need of the client.

On top of that, it also comes with numerous tools that we can use such as its landscaping system. This allows us to create open worlds that look fantastic and can be quickly set up to suit any terrain type. Now, a world can be built within the design which looks great for developing high-class previews of the kind of structures you intend to build.

We can also use the flexible material adjustments within Unreal Engine to help make surfaces look extremely authentic. From shimmering glass and marble to beautiful woods and metals, we know how to use Unreal Engine to make images really pop.

The Unreal Engine is a major facet of visualising architectural designs

For years, computer-aided architecture has become a major talking point. However, the advent of the Unreal Engine allows us to create photorealistic imagery without the massive sunk costs that were once involved. The days of needing massive teams of artists, animators, designers, and planners are gone. With the Unreal Engine, we can create the best work we ever have and ensure it captures the attention of its intended audience.

That is very important to us, as we know that our clients expect the best quality from their investment. From lighting effects to set the right mood to full-on development of entire landscapes, the Unreal Engine allows us to be far more creative, far more attentive, and far more productive.

We then pass these benefits on to our clients, giving them a clear understanding of why the Unreal Engine is essential in their project. We ensure that realistic, lifelike imagery can be made from scratch. Thanks to the vastly versatile nature of the Unreal Engine, creating stunning content for our clients is a much simpler experience overall.

If you wish to see what we can do with the Unreal Engine to benefit your own presentations, contact us today. Let us help you wow investors and clients alike with stunning recreations of your next architectural project.

How to utilize interior walk through video in business!

When you run a business that revolves around selling interiors or properties, your first impression is vital. From the moment someone gets in touch with your company to your first arranged walkthrough together, you have so many chances to lose a customer. Naturally, then, you want to try and ensnare them and capture their interest as soon as you can. That is why many people today are turning to 3D rendering services. Those who sell or manage interior designs need to give people an immediate idea of what they can do. Well, what better way to do than with a 3D walkthrough video?

Today, these videos are an essential part of putting together a high end experience. You can hire a 3D rendering company to develop a virtual recreation of the exact space that you want to show off. Then, instead of having to book someone in for a consultation and to take them there in-person, they can be shown what the property has to offer from afar.

Why, though, is this such a wise investment?

Why should your company invest in architectural visualisation to try and capture new clientele?

The benefits of a 3D walkthrough video for your company

Beat the COVID challenge

One of the biggest and most common reasons to go down the route of having a 3D walkthrough video is the COVID factor. For many companies, dealing with people over the internet and via video calls is the go-to solution. That is a common issue for some people, and could become a crucial talking point for making your business better.

Whilst your competition try to make do, you can offer people the chance to come and see you directly and in person virtually. This means they can spend the walkthrough with you as if you were there in person, walking them through every bit of the building. It creates a sense of going back to normal, and it also means that you can schedule people for visits to your virtual interior as and when they are available. Even after hours!

You could of course allow access to your 3D rendering whenever you want on-site. This means that people can check it out and get a better feel for the property than any walkthrough video or image collection could provide, maximising the likelihood of encouraging them to take action.

Make a vital first impression

When trying to land a client, being able to make a good first impression is essential. With a 3D rendering walkthrough video, you can show off every single part of the property that you want. Instead of having to try and shoot everything within the video so that nothing is left out, 3D walkthroughs put the client in the driving seat. They can move around at their own leisure, and look for as long as they want at what matters to them.

These tools are vital for making sure that you are seen as a company that is not hiding anything. When you try and move things around in images and videos, customers and clients might wonder what isn’t being shown. With a 3D render, you show them everything that is happening without anything being hidden away or left to their own imagination.

It’s these little factors that can make all the difference when it comes to forming your plan and your ideas. For that reason, it would be wise to keep a close eye on using 3D walkthroughs when you are about to meet a potential new client and want that showstopping first impression.

Show the real building

One of the best parts of this kind of design, though, is that you can showcase the building as it looks exactly. No need for touch-ups or trying to hide anything. This allows you to be nice and simple, manage the situation, and ensure that the building is totally represented as it should be.

This removes the worry that your building might be seen as trying to hide something. You also get to show off every little feature that can or could be changed, meaning that the person who is viewing the property feels in total control of the situation.

For that reason, then, showing off the real building helps to build trust. You aren’t just showing a quick video or a rough approximation; you are showing what the interior either looks like today, or will look like in the future. These walkthrough solutions also allow the person who is doing the viewing to look around and really focus on the parts of the property that they have the most interest in.

For that reason, you can see why showing the real building can be a hugely beneficial way to boost your businesses reputation.

Show potential changes

In many 3D renders, you can also have many changes that you can make on demand. For example, changing the living room from a regal purple to a rich red, or a classic cream. You have so many ways that you can adapt the image in front of you so that the recipient can see what they would be getting if they made some changes.

It also allows for things like multiple plans and configurations to be shown. For example, you could show 3-4 renders of the living room so they can design this room to fit in the exact look and style that you are hoping for. These factors all come into play and can become a crucial part of making someone work with your company. When you show them that things can be changed and adapted using 3D rendering, you make it much more likely that they will choose your company for hire.

As you can see, having a 3D walkthrough can be just what you are looking for. If you are wondering what is rendering capable of for your business, now you can see how easy it is to convince people to use your services.

See our portfolio for all the videos our team has developed: here

Read more on why to use interior walkthrough videos instead of images.

Why is an interior walkthrough video better than using images?

Why is an interior walkthrough video better than using images?

When you are developing a way to showcase a property for sale, it is common to use high quality images. In the past, high quality imagery would be the ideal way to show off a property. Today, though, there are many other opportunities. You could, for example, turn to use an interior walkthrough video. This has become a common choice for many businesses today. By helping your client to visualise the property in real-time, you make sure they can see every aspect of the property in the way they want.

Even recording a video of yourself walking through the property can be an essential tool for helping buyers to see every part of the property. Really, there is no benefit to having an interior walkthrough that is only images alone. They often lack context, miss out key parts of the room, and tend to leave more queries than answers.

By contrast, a 3D architectural walkthrough video allows for you to easily show off something pretty special. It means that you can develop an architectural and artistic recreation of the property. Now, a client can walk through the property at their own space, seeing every section of the property as they would if they were standing there in-person. This is great for ensuring that consumers are given a more bespoke viewing experience, as opposed to just having to go on photos and goodwill from the seller.

This is especially useful if you want to try and give someone a clear idea of how the property could look with an interior design. An interior walkthrough video, though, is always better than using images. While having images is still useful, a 3D video explains the interior in a much more pronounced and professional way.

Why should I turn to an interior walkthrough video over images?

Show off between each room

In images, you tend to move from room to room, ignoring the crucial transition. People want to see stuff like doorways, hallways, and high traffic areas so they can best plan out how to use that space of property. With images, though, you do tend to skip this stuff and only show the big rooms.

A 3D interior walkthrough video, though, is much better for showing transitions. This means that small but important things like the way that the walls finish when joining from one room to the next is very important overall.

It also helps for the buyer to see how particular parts of the room combine together, such as how do textures blend together from one room to the next? These are the kind of things buyers are interested in.

Show the house in actual usage

A static image can only show so much; a 3D walkthrough video shows the house in live action. This means that things like appliances such as fireplaces, AC units, and other key appliances can be shown in their usage. This looks great, too, for those who have things like convertible furnishings and appliances – you can show them in action in every available way.

You can now show how the home works, imparting far more knowledge to the buyer whilst also helping them to remove a litany of questions that they might have stored up and ready to ask. This makes it much more likely that someone will sign-up with your property as they see the functionality as well as the aesthetics.

Images show off how fancy everything looks; a video shows the actual reality of how the property works, which can be essential for selling projects.

Add in your own commentary

When you go with images, you are relying upon captions to tell the story of the image as a whole. That is something you want to avoid if you can, though, as captions only reveal so much. By using a 3D walkthrough, though, you get to explain your ideas in detail whilst giving a nice run-through commentary as you go from room to room.

This works well as it can add additional context and description, and you can use your marketing expertise to really sell the attributes of the room. If a picture tells a thousand words, 3D walkthrough videos say ten thousand!

This allows for you to easily provide voice-over commentary where needed, as well as using high quality music to help create that calming, tranquil feeling. These little features can be essential for making sure your property can go up for sale for the right reasons.

Blend together indoors and outdoors

Lastly, a major benefit that stems from using an interior walkthrough 3D visualisation is that you can show the interior and exterior. Images of the garden and then the interior can be jarring. With a video, you can show yourself walking in from the front door, through the house, and then into the outdoor areas of the home. This looks better as it shows a more natural journey, and it also helps the client to see just what is waiting for them.

It adds a nice little touch of charm, and can be just what you are looking for when you want to really showcase the properties entire area. Having images that just go from outside to inside can be quite inconclusive. By contrast, a video like this helps the buyer to see exactly what they are getting as they move from section to section.

As an interior designer or property seller, you want to make people see exactly what they are getting. With a 3D interior walkthrough video, you can do any property far more justice than with just generic, basic images. Therefore, you should absolutely look to utilise this form of visual marketing as it can lead to some extremely useful marketing techniques that come to life.

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