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3D Visualization

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How the process works?

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5 reasons

Why to use Visualization service?

1. Shorter marketing time

3D renders increase the distinctiveness and attractiveness of the apartment. 

2. Increase listing value

Use your renders to increase the value of your listing or construction property. 

3. Sit back and Relax

Our design team will WOW you with the end results for sure. at fastest we deliver within 24-48H but mainly 7-10 days.

4. Easier & cost-effective than staging physical furniture

Forget carrying heavy furniture & investing too much money & head aches.

5. Close deals faster

Cash out faster with your listings. 

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We work with the best brands

We work with the best brands

" Convince your clients with beautiful renderings that bring your projects to life right before their eyes.

What We Do
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Why choose VISU?

We are one of the most innovative 3D rendering companies online because we use the latest software and hardware available to create state of the art 3D visualizations. Our team of professionals at have delivered computer rendering services for over 9years worldwide in total. 


It is obvious that using this type of presentation allows architects to save hugely on costs. Instead of showing clients the actual projects, they can simply present these virtual photos/renders. There will be less time and energy spent, and clients will still be very much intrigued by the project because they can already see how beautiful it is in the area without having gone there yet. This element of giving the clients an experience of almost being there gives them more reason to want to actually be there, thus making the presentation a very persuasive presentation.

Main difference when ordering is that 

3D Visualization: 

  • We will redo the entire room/apartment/exterior with our 3D virtual programme
  • We will need more accurate details like measurements & most likely photos for the renders to be perfect

3D Virtual staging: 

  • You can deliver us photos in our kick off form then we shall add the styling virtually.
  • If the photos are not high end photos and you would need to redo your room then we suggest you choose visualization while ordering
  • This service suits also everyday consumers

An interior design firm is in the business of enhancing an interior space to make it more pleasing and functional for the people who use that space. There are plenty of people who are in the interior design business or who are trying to be. That means that in order to be competitive a firm has to stand out from the rest. Being able to offer clients quality renderings of design proposals can go a long way toward setting them apart.

What is an Interior Design Rendering?

An interior design rendering is just a scale drawing of the design or proposed design. It lets you know what elements such as structural components, furniture and appliances will be in the space and where they will be. The purpose is to give clients as accurate a picture as possible of what the finished product will look like so that they can approve the design or ask for changes. It is also an important planning tool for designers.

Renderings Offer Clients Value

Being able to offer clients a rendering of the proposed design– especially if you can offer them a 3-D digital rendering— can really help clients understand the designer’s plan. A digital interior rendering can allow a client to take a virtual walk through of the space so that they have a better vision of what the real world finished space will look like. A design can be approved much more quickly when the client can have that thorough an understanding of the designer’s plan.

Save Time and Money

Interior design renderings offer many advantages. When a client has a firm understanding of the designer’s plans, they are less likely to ask for changes midway through the building or remodeling process. The having few or no changes during the remodeling process saves everyone time and money.

A great way to make your interior design firm stand out is to offer clients high quality interior design renderings. A good rendering will help clients to better access the designer’s ideas and can make them more comfortable approving the work. Being able to offer quality renderings should be a part of an interior design firm’s strategy for success.

3D rendering for Interior Design is basically the process through which interior designers, architects, and other professionals produce 3D images showcasing their design ideas. The best thing with interior renderings is that they can offer a more realistic presentation of the item being displayed in an artistic way.

Yes you can.  You can log in, run through your order, and make a payment using our SSL-secured, encrypted payment system on VISU APP.

You can pay at our checkout using, PAYPALKlarna

On top of that, we work quickly to ensure that the process is managed through our safe, secure, automated payment system. You can log in, run through your order, and make a payment using our SSL-secured, encrypted payment system. This allows for you to pay in instalments via card, via banks in Finland, and via a whole range of different methods.

Yes, When you fill in the kickoff-form you shall be asked what deadline does the project has.

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