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Trends in interior virtual styling for 2021/2022

As we move into the middle half of 2021 and looking towards 2022, it is common to start looking at trends. Typically, we can spot the kind of interior design style options which are becoming commonplace in 2021. This also informs what is likely to be popular for the early parts of 2022, helping interior design gurus to start getting inspired. At the moment, many companies involved in 3D rendering have started to get involved in viewing interior design trends.

Whether you are looking to offer interior design rendering or you intend to hire 3d rendering services for a project, understanding the current trends is very important. With that in mind, we recommend that you take a look at some of the most important interior rendering trends. This could give you the chance to get over that lack of certainty you have with regards to choosing a fresh new design.

With so many trends forming all the time, keeping up to date with what is ‘in’ can be tough work. If you want a hand in making sure that your chosen styles are going to make the right impression, then we recommend that you look to focus on the following trends. These should all play a role in helping you to come up with ideas for interior design styling that is going to fit with the looks that you want to last long-term.

Closed plans are back in business

For at least a decade, there has been a mild obsession with open plan housing. However, many people have gotten used to the process of having a home office or home workspace. This means that having your office, living room, study, and kitchen all in the one open plan area can be less than the wholesome dream you wanted.

Today, open plan properties are becoming less prevalent. People want some kind of isolation from room to room, ensuring that rooms go back to having a clear function. As more and more of us work from home, being able to switch off from the home office is much easier when you are not put into a property that is built with an open plan style in mind.

While open plan designs will still be common enough in 2021-22, they are recommended far less consistently.

VISU -  -   - Keittiö - Sisustussuunnittelu
Beautiful living room / Dining room.

Sustainability is the key to success

Today, people are more aware than ever about the importance of being sustainable. We understand that today we have to be more in-line with the dominant philosophy of sustainability. For too long, we have consumed to deep excess, and it has created a wealth of issues for us to deal with. If you want a hand in overcoming such problems, then you need to understand the importance of dealing with sustainability.

At the moment, then, many developments are built around the idea of using environmentally friendly designs and innovations. From re-using older materials to creating the design using sustainable tools, techniques, and materials, we can start to make the world a more healthy, happy place overall.

This is a big reason why so many people today tend to turn to sustainability – they see it as crucial not only for a good interior design look, but a long-lasting design.

Natural energy and visuals

Another big part of the process that comes from interior virtual styling trends is the need to use nature to our advantage. At the moment, many people are focused on things like the use of solar energy, solar panels, and the development of continuous ventilation in every part of their home. For any interior virtual styling design in 2021 or 2022, then, we would suggest that the use of natural energy is going to be vital.

Finding ways to get things like natural lights and improved ventilation overall are expected to become major talking points moving forward. Today, people want to build homes that they know are going to look great but also cost them less to run. From improved ventilation to avoiding pollution, many designs today are focused on using items and innovations without an environmental cost in the long-term future.

VISU - Maapallokatu 8, Espoo -  Maapallokatu 8, Espoo - KAIKKI - Arkkitehtuuri

Speaking of nature…

Another key trend in interior design and 3D rendering is the use of natural features. This has become the biggest talking point for many people looking for a way to make their home feel fresher and generally more welcoming. Nature is becoming commonly used for interacting with the world outside of our walls. Today, more interior designs want to interact with the world as opposed to close it out and ignore it.

That is why many designs at the moment are based around transparency. Most interior design plans at the moment are using intelligent designs like glass curtains and enclosures to help improve visibility. This helps us to soak in the atmosphere of the interior without feeling as if we have walled ourselves off from the exterior of the beauty.

Today, people want less of a clear dividing line between indoors and outdoors, and that is informing designs overall.

VISU -  -   - Cranbourne - Cranbourne North
visu birds eye view property 3d rendering

Keeping your mind in place

A big part of any modern interior design trend is the focus on wellness. We are all more aware than ever about the importance of having peace of mind. This also comes from the development of ideas about things like wellness physically and mentally.

This means including things like a relaxation space within any 3D rendering is common today. It might even double as a place to relax as well as a place to work out and get into good physical shape. This commonly includes massive amounts of natural lighting, exterior views, and little touches that can remind you of parts of the environment that might not be close enough due to urban developments.

Today, 3D rendering, and virtual interior styling are built around concepts involving freshness, safety, and compartmentalisation of the most important aspects of life. If you are in the process of an interior design plan, then keep the above in mind for something that feels increasingly modern.

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