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Why is an interior walkthrough video better than using images?

Why is an interior walkthrough video better than using images?

When you are developing a way to showcase a property for sale, it is common to use high quality images. In the past, high quality imagery would be the ideal way to show off a property. Today, though, there are many other opportunities. You could, for example, turn to use an interior walkthrough video. This has become a common choice for many businesses today. By helping your client to visualise the property in real-time, you make sure they can see every aspect of the property in the way they want.

Even recording a video of yourself walking through the property can be an essential tool for helping buyers to see every part of the property. Really, there is no benefit to having an interior walkthrough that is only images alone. They often lack context, miss out key parts of the room, and tend to leave more queries than answers.

By contrast, a 3D architectural walkthrough video allows for you to easily show off something pretty special. It means that you can develop an architectural and artistic recreation of the property. Now, a client can walk through the property at their own space, seeing every section of the property as they would if they were standing there in-person. This is great for ensuring that consumers are given a more bespoke viewing experience, as opposed to just having to go on photos and goodwill from the seller.

This is especially useful if you want to try and give someone a clear idea of how the property could look with an interior design. An interior walkthrough video, though, is always better than using images. While having images is still useful, a 3D video explains the interior in a much more pronounced and professional way.

Why should I turn to an interior walkthrough video over images?

Show off between each room

In images, you tend to move from room to room, ignoring the crucial transition. People want to see stuff like doorways, hallways, and high traffic areas so they can best plan out how to use that space of property. With images, though, you do tend to skip this stuff and only show the big rooms.

A 3D interior walkthrough video, though, is much better for showing transitions. This means that small but important things like the way that the walls finish when joining from one room to the next is very important overall.

It also helps for the buyer to see how particular parts of the room combine together, such as how do textures blend together from one room to the next? These are the kind of things buyers are interested in.

Show the house in actual usage

A static image can only show so much; a 3D walkthrough video shows the house in live action. This means that things like appliances such as fireplaces, AC units, and other key appliances can be shown in their usage. This looks great, too, for those who have things like convertible furnishings and appliances – you can show them in action in every available way.

You can now show how the home works, imparting far more knowledge to the buyer whilst also helping them to remove a litany of questions that they might have stored up and ready to ask. This makes it much more likely that someone will sign-up with your property as they see the functionality as well as the aesthetics.

Images show off how fancy everything looks; a video shows the actual reality of how the property works, which can be essential for selling projects.

Add in your own commentary

When you go with images, you are relying upon captions to tell the story of the image as a whole. That is something you want to avoid if you can, though, as captions only reveal so much. By using a 3D walkthrough, though, you get to explain your ideas in detail whilst giving a nice run-through commentary as you go from room to room.

This works well as it can add additional context and description, and you can use your marketing expertise to really sell the attributes of the room. If a picture tells a thousand words, 3D walkthrough videos say ten thousand!

This allows for you to easily provide voice-over commentary where needed, as well as using high quality music to help create that calming, tranquil feeling. These little features can be essential for making sure your property can go up for sale for the right reasons.

Blend together indoors and outdoors

Lastly, a major benefit that stems from using an interior walkthrough 3D visualisation is that you can show the interior and exterior. Images of the garden and then the interior can be jarring. With a video, you can show yourself walking in from the front door, through the house, and then into the outdoor areas of the home. This looks better as it shows a more natural journey, and it also helps the client to see just what is waiting for them.

It adds a nice little touch of charm, and can be just what you are looking for when you want to really showcase the properties entire area. Having images that just go from outside to inside can be quite inconclusive. By contrast, a video like this helps the buyer to see exactly what they are getting as they move from section to section.

As an interior designer or property seller, you want to make people see exactly what they are getting. With a 3D interior walkthrough video, you can do any property far more justice than with just generic, basic images. Therefore, you should absolutely look to utilise this form of visual marketing as it can lead to some extremely useful marketing techniques that come to life.

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