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Office visualization renders for

Huge office space that is under construction still is redone with our VISU designers to make the office more appealing for the buyers. See the images for the current state of office and after we visualized it.

Attic office space to be renovated according to the tenant’s wishes in the prestigious National Romantic Art Nouveau Agronomitalo on the corner of Kasarmitori. The house was completed in 1901 and was designed by Gesellius Architects, Lindgren, Saarinen. In addition, there are only a few buildings planned by this assembly in Helsinki, e.g. The Nordic House and the National Museum.

The attic space is currently being renovated and the tenant has the opportunity to influence the materials, etc. The entrance is from the A-staircase on the North Magazine Street side, but the B and C stairs can also be entered.

ClientROOFProject time28 daysLocationHelsinki, FinlandService3D VisualizationIncluded10 office space rendersUsePre-marketing materialShare