3D Virtual Styling

Virtual styling is effortless and inexpensive, unlike traditional styling. No more dragging furniture just for the pictures in the announcement. Instead, you send us pictures of the empty apartment and we take care of the rest.


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    • 90 €
    • 90 €
    • 90 €
    • 90 €
    • 90 €
    • 90 €

    Choose your favourite interior design style

    VISU can do all the heavy lifting by visualizing everything for you 100%

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Designing your dream room has never been easier thanks to an entirely online interior design experience. Begin working on your online interior design project right now!


Rather than a 2D moodboard and shopping list, VISU presents design ideas in lifelike 3D visuals that appear so real you’ll swear they’re the genuine thing. Each of our virtual room designs is delivered as a catalog spread of photo-real photographs to your inbox. Assemble your room with actual furniture and decor that you can purchase right away.

How does it help in sales ?

Virtual interior increases the distinctiveness and attractiveness of the apartment. This shortens the marketing time and at best you can get a higher price.

✓ We will ensure delivery of design and drawings as per expected standards and quality.

✓ We will send you the pictures with great quality and resolution.

✓ Give you any File format which you want.


This is how we virtual styled our customer

pelimannintie living room before pelimannintie visu living room

Our Creative Process

3 simple steps to get your work done:

1. Buy service

Choose your preferable service from our shop. The design shop is SSL secured and we offer 100% money back guarantee.

2. Submit Information

After you've purchased you will fill in the KICK-OFF FORM detailed form that will give us the necessary information for your renders.

3. Delivery

We offer  3 free revisions to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the result. You can manage your project & orders from your my account page. All the details and instructions can be found in our FAQ page.

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